Bill McKibben

American Environmentalist
2011 Sierra Club John Muir Award

birthdate: ?
Palo Alto, California

Bill McKibben has been called "the nation's leading environmentalist" and "the world's best green journalist." He is an outspoken advocate for alternative energy, the need for more local-based economies, and is best known for his extensive writing on the urgent global climate change crisis. The nonprofit environmental organization, which he founded in 2007 to raise awareness about global climate change, has helped to organize many internationally coordinated events. One of the largest was an International Day of Climate Action on October 24, 2009, when 5200 walks, demonstrations, tree plantings and other events took place in 181 countries. Bill McKibben's books include: The End of Nature, one of the first books on global climate change for a mainstream audience; Hope, Human and Wild, describing examples of cultures that live with less impact on the environment; Deep Economy, about the failings of our current economic system and the need to adopt a system based more on localized economies; and Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, about how our planet has changed so much because of human activities, that we need to radically change the way we live in order for humanity to survive.


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