Emily Rachel Silverstein

American Social Activist

birthdate: June 27
New Brunswick, New Jersey

"It had always been the opportunity to save the world
and the chance to improve people's lives that interested me.."

"Since I was young, I have been a strong believer in peace, a supporter of social justice…" Emily Rachel Silverstein's compassion, creativity and passion for a better world touched many lives in her brief life. At 10, she became a vegetarian and participated in peace marches. By college she had grown into an active and well-respected leader and organizer for social change and community service. On campus, she was co-president and lived in Peace House, whose mission was to create awareness of local and world peace issues. She helped form a chapter of Students for a Democratic Society and was involved in Amnesty International, Free the Children and other social justice activities. Tragically, Emily's life was cut short when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend at college. The EMILY Fund was established to continue Emily's legacy of hope in action for a better world, and her conviction that every act of compassion makes a difference. EmilyFund.org

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