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* We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
-- Aristotle

* Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit.
We become just by doing just acts,
temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.
-- Aristotle (384-322 BC)

* "It is easy to perform a good action,
but not easy to acquire a settled habit of performing such actions."
-- Aristotle

"We should take care, in inculcating patriotism into our boys and girls, that is a patriotism above the narrow sentiment which usually stops at one's country, and thus inspires jealousy and enmity in dealing with others... Our patriotism should be of the wider, nobler kind which recognises justice and reasonableness in the claims of others and which lead our country into comradeship with...the other nations of the world. The first step to this end is to develop peace and goodwill within our borders, by training our youth of both sexes to its practice as their habit of life, so that the jealousies of town against town, class against class and sect against sect no longer exist; and then to extend this good feeling beyond our frontiers towards our neighbours."
-- Lord Baden-Powell

The American fast food diet and the meat eating habits of the wealthy around the world support a world food system that diverts food resources from the hungry. A diet higher in whole grains and legumes and lower in beef and other meat is not just healthier for ourselves but also contributes to changing the world system that feeds some people and leaves others hungry.
-- Dr.Walden Bello

* "The power of a movement lies in the fact that it can indeed change the habits of people. This change is not the result of force but of dedication, of moral persuasion. "
-- Stephen Biko


"Friendship is a strong and habitual inclination in two persons
to promote the good and happiness of one another."
-- Eustace Budgell (1711)

* The awareness that health is dependent upon habits that we control makes us the first generation in history that to a large extent determines its own destiny.
~ Jimmy Carter

* Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
~ George Washington Carver

* Man is not imprisoned by habit. Great changes in him can be wrought by crisis -- once that crisis can be recognized and understood.
-- Norman Cousins
The aim of education is to enable individuals to continue their education ... (and) the object and reward of learning is continued capacity for growth. Now this idea cannot be applied to all the members of a society except where intercourse of man with man is mutual, and except where there is adequate provision for the reconstruction of social habits and institutions by means of wide stimulation arising from equitably distributed interests. And this means a democratic society.
-- John Dewey

* The only way children can learn the habit of forgiveness is by seeing us, their parents, forgive others and forgive ourselves.
-- Naomi Drew

If you do not wish to be prone to anger, do not feed the habit; give it nothing which may tend to its increase.
-- Epictetus

* Each year one vicious habit discarded,
in time might make the worst of us good.
-- Benjamin Franklin

* It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.
-- Benjamin Franklin

Make a habit of two things--to help, or at least, to do no harm.
-- Hippocrates

Genius means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way.
-- William James

"We have ancient habits to deal with, vast structures of power, indescribably complicated problems to solve. But unless we abdicate our humanity altogether and succumb to fear and impotence in the presence of the weapons we have ourselves created, it is as possible and as urgent to put an end to war and violence between nations as it is to put an end to poverty and racial injustice."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr

Tolerance is the positive and cordial effort to understand another's beliefs,
practices, and habits without necessarily sharing or accepting them.
-- Joshua Liebman

Creativity can solve almost any problem.
The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.
-- George Lois

* A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.
-- Thomas Paine

The strength of a man's virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.
~Blaise Pascal

Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.
-- Norman Vincent Peale

When the intensity of emotional conviction subsides, a man who is in the habit of reasoning will search for logical grounds in favour of the belief which he finds in himself.
-- Bertrand Russell

Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and courage. But if we don't practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us - and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along.
-- Carl Sagan

* "So I would hope they would develop some kind of habit that involves understanding that their life is so full they can afford to give in all kinds of ways to other people. I consider that to be baseline spirituality."
-- Susan Sarandon

What a man believes may be ascertained not from his creed, but from assumptions on which he habitually acts.
-- George Bernard Shaw

Too often people find themselves falling into the habit of telling little white lies and tall tales in an effort to get ahead or to avoid getting into trouble. By consciously making an effort to be truthful, we remember that telling the truth really is an important way to feel good about ourselves.

As more and more people stand up for their better world principles, it will become easier to make the right choices and doing the right thing will become a habit we don't even have to consciously think about.
-- Robert Alan Silverstein

* Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.
-- Peter Ustinov

"Little kindnesses...will broaden your heart,
and slowly you will habituate yourself to helping your fellow man in many ways."

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