Walden Bello

2003 Right Livelihood Award Winner

Manila, Philippines

Walden Bello is a Philippine author, sociology professor, political analyst, social activist and one of the leading critics of the current economic model of corporate-driven globalization. Walden Bello became socially and politically involved while a student at Princeton University, after Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in 1972 . Bello became a major figure in the struggle to restore democracy to the Philippines over the next decade, lobbying in Washington, DC. In the 1980s he turned his focus to exposing how corporate globalization, working hand-in-hand with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, were contributing to the human rights abuses and environmental degradation that were taking place in Asia and around the world. In addition to teaching and writing more than a dozen books about globalization and social issues in Asia, Walden Bello is Director of Focus on the Global South in Bangkok, which works to build grassroots alternative ways to tackle problems of development and cash flow in Asia. He is also chairman of the board of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, and serves on the boards of Transnational Institute, a think tank for progressive politics, and Food First, The Institute for Food and Development Policy. In 2003 Walden Bello received the Right Livelihood Award (widely known as the Alternative Nobel Prize) "for outstanding efforts in educating civil society about the effects of corporate globalization, and how alternatives to it can be implemented."

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