Leonardo Boff

Brazilian Theologian & Human Rights Activist
1991 Right Livelihood Award Winner

birthdate: December 14
Concórdia, Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Leonardo Boff is a Brazilian theologian, philosopher, writer and former Catholic Priest. He is one of the best known of the early promoters of Liberation Theology, a spiritual philosophy that views political activism to bring justice to the poor and oppressed as an important part of the Christian mission. His teachings sometimes put him at odds with the Catholic Church, eventually causing him to renounce his activities as a priest. Leonardo Boff has served as a professor of spirituality and theology at universities in Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States and has written more than 60 books about spirituality, philosophy, ecological sustainability and liberation theology. In 1991 he received the Right Livelihood Award, often called the Alternative Nobel Prize, " for his inspiring insights and practical work to help people realize the links between human spirituality, social justice and environmental stewardship."

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