Noel Brown
Former Director of the UN Environment Programme


Dr. Noel Brown has earned an international reputation as an 'Environmental Diplomat.' For over two decades he represented the United Nations Environment Program at many major international negotiations and conferences on environmental and sustainable development issues, including at the Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio. As Director of the United Nations Environment Program, Dr. Brown encouraged and sponsored a group of young people working with Peace Child International to write the international best-selling Rescue Mission Planet Earth, a children's edition of Agenda 21, the official document created at the Earth Summit. His deep spiritual convictions led him introduce the Environmental Sabbath Programme at the UN, which is now celebrated by thousands of religious congregations throughout the world on World Environment Day. Recognizing the importance of bringing the corporate community into the process of helping to solve the world's environmental problems, Dr. Brown helped initiate the first global conference on industry and the environment. After leaving his position as Director of the United Nations Environment Program, Dr. Brown has worked with many environmental and educational organizations and is currently the President of Friends of the United Nations and Vice Chair of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations. In 1998 Noel Brown was honored with the World Academy of Arts and Science Distinguished Public Service award for his lifetime commitment to environmental sustainability.

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