Dennis Weaver

birthdate: June 4
Joplin, Missouri

Dennis Weaver's autobiography, All The World's A Stage, recalled his colorful career that begun with his roles in the hit television shows, Gunsmoke in the 50s and 60s and McCloud in the 70s, through Hollywood movies, two country albums and his social and environmental activism. An outspoken environmentalist for most of his life, Dennis Weaver strove to walk his talk. He had been a vegetarian and yoga and meditation student since the 1960s, and in the 1970s, Dennis Weaver and his wife built an environmentally sustainable house out of recycled aluminum cans and rubber tires, which they called The Earthship. He lived there the rest of his life. In 1981, Dennis Weaver and other celebrities started an organization called L.I.F.E. - Love Is Feeding Everyone, which today supports 200 agencies that feed 150,000 people each week. Twelve years later he founded the Institute for Ecolonomics, which promotes creating a sustainable future by building a healthy economy based on strong ecological values.

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